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Appleseed Alpha (2014) Bluray Subtitle Indonesia Mp4

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Appleseed Alpha 2014 Subtitle Indonesia


*.Judul: Appleseed Alpha (2014)
*.Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation, Military, Sci-Fi, Science-Fiction
*.Tipe: J-Movie
*.Kualitas: DVD Blu-Ray
*.Rilis: 15 Juli 2014
*.Durasi: 1 jam 33 menit
*.Direktur: Shinji Aramaki
*.Pemain: Yuka Komatsu, Jun’ichi Suwabe, Aoi Yuki
*.Rating IMDb: 6.6/10
– [ ]
*.Negara: Japan, USA
*.Bahasa: Japanese
*.Subtitle: Indonesia / Hardsub
*.Format: MP4 mHD 240p / HR 360p / HDR 480p

Sinopsis Appleseed Alpha 2014

Nonton Film Jepang Appleseed Alpha Subtitle Indonesia bercerita tentang prajurit wanita bernama Deunan Knute dan rekannya sekaligus kekasihnya, cyborg bernama Briareos Hecatonchires. Keduanya berkelana untuk mencari kota legendaris Olympus di tengah negeri yang sudah porak-poranda.

English Plot: Set in a different series of events, this story does not follow the previous Appleseed movie canon (despite being directed by the same director of the previous movies); it is an alternate story to their beginnings. Briareos is already a cyborg and did not become separated from Deunan to be later reunited in Olympus to join ESWAT.

Appleseed Alpha depicts the early days of Deunan Knute and Briareos in the 22nd century, as they embark on a journey throughout dystopic ruins of New York in search of the city of Olympus. They are hired by Two Horns, the warlord of the ruined city, to eliminate bipedal combat machines. During the fight, they encounter Iris and Olson, both on a mission. Deunan and Briareos befriend them and decide to join their mission.

Iris is tasked with preventing the malevolent cyborg Talos from capturing a secret weapon humans were building. Talos uses Iris to activate the gigantic war machine. Deunan rescues Iris from Talos. But Iris sacrifices herself so that Briareos can take out the machine once and for all.

Appleseed Alpha (also styled as Appleseed α) is a computer-animated military science fiction cyberpunk film. The English version’s voice cast includes Luci Christian (Deunan Knute), David Matranga (Briareos) and Wendel Calvert (Two Horns). the film had an advance digital release on July 15, 2014.

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