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And Your Bird Can Sing (2018) BluRay MKV 720p

Download And Your Bird Can Sing (2018) BluRay MKV 720p

And Your Bird Can Sing


Judul : And Your Bird Can Sing (2018)
Genre : Drama, Music, Youth
Tipe : J-Movie
Kualitas : DVD BluRay
Rilis : 1 September 2018
Durasi : 1 jam 46 menit
Rating IMDb : –
Negara : Japan
Bahasa : Japanese
Subtitle MP4 : –
Subtitle MKV : English – Indonesia and More from Subscene Click Here !
Format : MKV 720p (Softsub)


Nonton Film Jepang And Your Bird Can Sing

Although its characters get drunk all the time, “And Your Bird Can Sing” is as sober as it gets. Captured in the triviality of everyday life in northern Japan, Sho Miyake presents a lackluster love drama based on a novel by Yasushi Sato.

“And Your Birds Can Sing” is screening at Berlin Film Festival

A nameless book dealer played by Tasuku Emoto (“Air Doll” 2009) falls in love with his coworker, Sachiko. His roommate, Shizuo, also has interest in her. Normally, a perfect base for conflict. But somehow Miyake misses to build up the tension. I don’t blame the actors. Shota Sometani (“Parasyte” 2014) as Shizuo and Shizuka Ishibashi (“Nights Tightrope” 2016) as Sachiko are doing their best. Natural acting, becoming one with the camera and creating harmony on screen. Unfortunately, this does not help the pace of the film, who fails to arouse the interest of the viewer.

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