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It Comes (2018) BluRay MKV 720p x265

Download It Comes (2018) BluRay MKV 720p x265

It Comes


Judul : Kuru / It Comes / Coming (2018)
Genre : Horror, Based on the Novel
Tipe : J-Movie
Kualitas : DVD BluRay
Rilis : 7 Desember 2018
Durasi : 2 jam 14 menit
Rating MDL : 7.3
Negara : Japan
Bahasa : Japanese
Subtitle MP4 : –
Subtitle MKV : English
Subtitle Lain : English and More from Subscene Click Here !
Format : MKV 720p x265 (Softcoded)


Nonton Film Jepang It Comes

Hideki Tahara (Satoshi Tsumabuki) and Kana Tahara (Haru Kuroki) are newlyweds. Hideki is excited about his future with Kana. One day, a mysterious person visits the company where Hideki works. Hideki’s colleague conveys the visitor’s message to Hideki “about Chisa-san case.” As soon as Hideki hears the name Chisa, he becomes stunned. His wife is pregnant and they have picked the name Chisa for their baby. Only Hideki and Kana know the name. Soon the colleague that talked to the visitor has a mysterious death.

2 years later, more mysterious cases take place around Hideki. He is then introduced to freelance writer Nozaki (Junichi Okada) and his girlfriend Makoto Higa (Nana Komatsu).

Kualitas BluRay (MP4 H.264 Hardsub)
360p DriveHunstu | HunstuMirror
Kualitas BluRay (MKV x265 Softcoded)
720p GD 1 | GD 2
Sub TV-LED 720p

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