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Love in 50 Meters (2018) BluRay MKV 720p

Download Love in 50 Meters (2018) BluRay MKV 720p

Love in 50 Meters


Judul : Love in 50 Meters (2018)
Genre : Romance
Tipe : C-Movie
Kualitas : DVD BluRay
Rilis : 2018
Durasi : 1 jam 31 menit
Rating IMDb : –
Negara : Chinese, Mandarin
Bahasa : China
Subtitle MP4 : –
Subtitle MKV : English – Indonesia and More from Subscene Click Here !
Format : MKV 720p (Softsub)


Nonton Film China Love in 50 Meters

A reporter, anxious to get to go to New York soon for some reporting *journalism bonus points*, gets sent to countryside instead; seen that somewhere before to it’s credit though, she has to stay 50 meters away from this local guy cause ever since their childhood he brought her bad luck. her mission is to expose a local organic farm for not being organic.

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